Release Notes

Version 3.0

July, 2016

  • Soup to nuts redesign. New color scheme, new favicon, new logo, new font and numerous content updates.
  • New home page with an introduction, recent work and writing. Venn diagram representing the intersection of design and business.
  • Redesigned portfolio and blog sections
  • All type set in Tofino by Alanna Munro
  • Logo updated to also use Tofino
  • Responsive layout based on the Joints WP template using the Foundation framework

Version 2.4

December, 2014

  • Redesigned ‘Portfolio’ section
  • Support for Retina (High DPI) images within pages and posts using WP Retina 2x

Version 2.3

April, 2014

  • Redesigned 2 Out of Three logo
  • A redesigned header to focus on three main sections: Portfolio, Blog and About
  • Fénix becomes the primary typeface for long copy
  • A larger font for improved readability
  • Adoption of REM for sizing of fonts in CSS
  • Overhaul of the footer to concentrate on social links and recent design work
  • Retina (High DPI) images for header, footer and various other images around the site
  • Removal of photography section (I’m just not taking many photos these days)

Version 2.2

November, 2011

  • All font-size declarations in CSS now use em to maintain consistent type size when zoomed as well as across multiple devices
  • Removed “Talking About” cloud tag from footer
  • Added “Latest Tweets” to footer using Twitter for WordPress plugin
  • Numerous small style tweets
  • Ability to comment on posts using Facebook & Twitter via Simple Twitter & Facebook Conncet plugins
  • New photography specific template enables display of large size photos (920px max width)
  • Recent photography section in footer now powered by most recent Flickr images
  • Scribbled lines on primary image for each posts now dynamically generated
  • Related articles appear in portfolio section

Version 2.1

September, 2010

  • Dynamic generation of home and portfolio pages

Version 2.0

May, 2010

  • Redesign of entire website
  • Redesign logo using blue color palate
  • Chunk typeface used for iconic headline font, primary body copy set in Georgia
  • Layout utilized a 960 based grid
  • All content now served by WordPress (no longer are coded)
  • Photo section is powered by Flickr via FAlbum WordPress plugin
  • Removed all Flash from website

Version 1.3

September, 2008

  • Most website content is now licensed as Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License for full details see our license page

Version 1.2

May, 2008

  • Migrated blog to WordPress 2.5

Version 1.1

August, 2007

  • Enabled comments
  • Dynamic Flash navigation bar for all subpages

Version 1.0

February, 2007

  • Initial release of 2 Out of Three
  • Portfolio and Photo sections are a custom built php and MySQL content management tools
  • Blog section powered by Moveable Type v3.0
  • Verdana used for headlines and body text

*Note: Version 1.x is still available for historical viewings