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January 2, 2015

Trading Photoshop for Sketch 3

Sketch 3 Logo - A gold diamond with rainbow background

With new design and prototyping tools hitting the market every few months, the pace of software development that targets designers is accelerating. While it’s great to see the attention being given to improving software that we as designers use, I’m typically slow to adopt new tools. Maybe I’m set in my ways, but I find the learning curve often outweighs any new power or efficiency gains that I’ll receive.

Of course, there are always exceptions. Sketch 3 from Bohemian Coding is one of them.

May 1, 2009

Layer Tennis: Edit that layer quick

Layer Tennis has been around a few years, the premiss is simple. Two designers swap Photoshop, Flash, and Illustrator files back a forth in 15 minute intervals trying to out design and out smart each other. A moderator maintains a running commentary on this exercise of speed and wit. After 10 “volleys” all the fun comes to an end and everyone in the inter-web gets to vote for a winner via twitter.