Farmanac is a mobile app that helps consumers find produce that’s fresh, in season and free of toxic chemicals. The app tells you exactly when produce is in season locally; what it’s pesticide level is, indicating whether to splurge and buy organic, or if you’re just as safe opting for conventional; if a fruit or vegetable has been genetically modified; how to determine when an item is ripe; and how to store your produce once you’re back at home.


In developing Farmanac we sought to bridge the gap between the often dizzying area of choice in the aisles of a grocery store and a shopper’s intention to buy local healthy food. To ensure an enjoyable user experience, we then obsessed over the details: creating a screen optimized for readability and enabling a search by PLU Code; and technical features like local data storage (in case you don’t have cellular reception in a market) or guaranteeing a fast frame rate for smooth scrolling. Our goal was to make Farmanac so simple it would become an essential tool for a grocery shopping trip.

Farmanac launched in May of 2011 and received coverage in blogs like the Sierra Club, a TV interview with yours truly and a nomination for best food app of 2012 from Toque Magazine. The app has also garnered great reviews from the people who used it on a daily basis.

Eating fresh feels so good ★★★★★

This is a great app for anyone looking to eat better and feel better. I am a huge advocate of eating local, and eating organic. This app helps the average shopper feel like an insider.

App flow






Interaction Design

Tap and slide variety selection

Search interaction

iOS6 screencast