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December 26, 2011

Bali Lost

Bali – the word conjures up a vision of idyllic beaches, perfect surf, and terraced rice fields set to the backdrop of a rich Hindu culture. This fabled island was at the top of my list of desired destinations for many years. And in November I was fortunate enough to spend three weeks on the island with my new wife. She indulged me as I dragged her from one famous surf spot to the next. And in between my search for waves we explored Hindu temples, trekked through a rice field to find an organic restaurant, and ended our trip diving on the reefs off the island of Lombok.

March 23, 2010

Where the Grass is Greener – Images From New Zealand

After six weeks of traveling through both the north and south islands of New Zealand I managed to take over 1500 pictures. And even with all those gigs of photos I still managed to miss some of the most memorable scenes I came across; the Rob Roy Glacier and the perfect symmetry of Kiwi tree plantings come to mind. I can only hope that as the months and years go by my mind will retain the visions I failed to capture. In the meantime I can still share with you the best of New Zealand I was able to capture; the Tongario Crossing, moonlight nights in the Able Tasman, and the smiles of my fellow travelers. New Zealand where the grass truly is greener:

October 15, 2009

Wandering Havana

Puzzle pieces make up a Cuban flag on the wall of The Malecón.

We stumbled into Havana with a barley passible vocabulary of Spanish phrases, a copy of Lonely Planet Cuba and two cameras. Our nebulous plan involved wandering the streets, snapping photos and soaking in the beautiful decay of this forbidden country.

After four days we had accomplished our goal. Between the two of us we had taken well over a thousand photos, dug deep into the politics that divides our two nations, consumed Mojitos at the National, and located Fidel’s hidden missiles. But don’t take my word for it, these pictures can tell their own story.

May 4, 2009

On the Road: Santa Cruz

Freelancing has its advantages, one of which is the ability to travel and live in places that you wouldn’t normally have access to while working a typical office job. Currently 2 Out of Three is half way through a two month stint in Santa Cruz. And when we’re not banging away on our laptop at the local coffee shop, the mountains, ocean, and town of Santa Cruz provide eye catching scenery to take a few photos. Below are a few of the best shots from the month, and be sure to check out the rest of April’s Santa Cruz pictures at Flickr [along with commentary].

January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008 From Whistler, BC

A new year has arrived and it seems like a good time to post some pictures from the past month. I was slacking in blog posts for the month of December so I have pictures from Whistler, Vancouver, and Christmas with the family in SF to show you. I should also have some designs and a soundtrack to my life to share with you in the coming weeks. I hope everyone is looking forward to a creative 2008.

December 2, 2007

2 Out of Three Has Relocated

Last week we packed up the 2 Out of Three design studio and moved our operation north to Whistler, BC. Rowdy the Audi [remember kids it’s important to name inanimate objects] was packed with all the standard office essentials including our trusty Mac Book Pro, a snowboard, and a warm jacket. The trip went smooth and a few days after saying goodbye to our San Francisco friends, family, and our two year home in Duboce Triangle we made the border crossing at the Peace Arch. Less than an hour later Double A was showing us around his home town of Vancouver. Later that day we pulled into our new place in Whistler, BC – just a couple minutes drive from the resort village.

Below are a few pics from Van + Whistler

November 19, 2007

The Colors of New Mexico

New Mexico is dry and dominated by the colors brown, red, and yellow. I learned that and a few others thing over the past five days while I was visiting my Mom in Albuquerque. My sister Yasha also joined us for a few days making a family reunion out of it. It’s was great to spend a few days living with my sis’ and Mom, almost like being a kid again.

When I was not laid up by the flu, which combination with the natural desert dryness was not fun, we spent time walking through the desert, visiting healers, and catching up with each other. My Mom has an article about the statue on top of the US Capital, Lady Freedom, that is being published next month in the US Capital Historical Society Magazine. And Yasha is getting ready to go to Miami for Bridge Art Fair, as well as pondering her future and weather it should be spoken in French, Italian, or German.

The shades of New Mexico also turned out pretty well through the lens of my camera. Here are a few photos taken over the past 5 days in Abq.

August 28, 2007

F8 and B Traveling

Conde Nast Traveler is having a “Live The Cover” great travel memories contest. You upload a photo and an explanation of what made that moment so unforgettable. Having done my fair share of traveling and photography over the past few years I decided to submit three photos. It also does not hurt that the winner gets a free vacation to the Maldives, one of my dream destinations. The rest of this blog entry has my photos and descriptions but I would also encourage you to go over to their web site and vote for my entries (and Kenny submitted a few as well).

August 21, 2007


My good friend Kenny has been spending the summer living in Montreal, Canada which gave me a good excuse to get out of California for a five day visit. The timing also worked out to meet up with Shaun and Ashley as they decided to come up from Maine after attending a wedding.

We spent most of our timing walking around the city exploring everything from the cobble stone streets of Old Montreal to the nightlife of Boulevard Saint-Laurent. I really enjoyed the outdoor dining and old world charm of Montreal. I may have been deceiving myself due to the French coming from the locals and the late night dinning but it truly seems like Montreal is more a part of Europe than North America. Everyone we met was great and eager to talk and share their story. Local friends, cute bartenders, and the owner of the Turkish Tea House all spent time telling us the things to do and the places to be.

If you get a chance I recommend a trip up north. Although I’d make sure you do it in the summertime, that far north the winters can put a chill in you’re bones. In the meantime enjoy some of the random pictures I took.

February 27, 2007

Querque of the Alber

I spent a recent weekend in Albuquerque visiting my Mom. The weekend was spent visiting with the animals on the farm, going on short walks in the high desert and even getting up over 10,000 feet on the worlds longest aerial tramway. Check out the photos I took with my new lens.