Category: San Francisco

August 25, 2016

Ocean Beach’s long overdue need for lifeguards

The womp, womp, womp of a low flying helicopter sends chills down the spine of residents in my neighborhood, San Francisco’s Outer Sunset. The sound could very well be an emergency response to a desperate man or women being pulled out to sea by the strong rip currents of Ocean Beach. In the past four months four people have died, including two this week and in April the tragic death of two 16 year old boys who were simply wading in waist-deep water. Every year similar incidents occur at Ocean Beach. While the unique geography of Ocean Beach is primarily to blame, the City of San Francisco and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) have continued to bury their heads, refusing to take steps towards improving safety at the beach, costing multiple lives year after year.

July 20, 2007

A Sustainable Business – Green Apple Books

I find myself buying more and more products online these days, and it’s not just because I spend the majority of my day in front of a computer. It really comes down to the better shopping experience I can have online. Web sites like Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, and others analyze my shopping habits, my likes and dislikes and then use that information to recommend products that I may have never found on my own. Smaller web sites like Threadless and product blogs (Product Dose & Apartment Therapy) can lead me to unique small quantity goods that are not available in my local area. Every now and then however, I encounter a truly great local business that picks up where the online shopping experience falls short. Green Apple books store in San Francisco’s Richmond district is one of these exceptional brick and motor stores. Without fail every time I’m in their store I overhear, the familiar sentiment, “I could spend all day in here”.

February 18, 2007

Noticing the small things at OB

Being injured is a difficult thing, especially when your sport is nature dependent like surfing. Last weekend things warmed up in San Francisco and the surf look pretty good. Unfortunately, I’ve been nursing a bad back so I was forced to sit on the sidelines and watch. Luckily for me my highly anticipated new camera lens (Nikon 18-200VR) had arrived last week. This gave me a change to enjoy the beach and take some time to play with my new lens. I’m so used to rushing into the water, scrambling into my wetsuit and spiriting across the sand that it was nice to slow down and take in the nuances of the beach. I shot weird rips in the water, the texture on the sand, and of course perfect waves that I mind surfed as I snapped the shutter. Enjoy!