December 7th, 2015

Found Quote: Julie Zhuo

EEvery article by Facebook’s Product Design Director Julie Zhuo has one – and likely more – insightful quotes about design. However, this particular quote from her recent post Good Design stood out to me because of the relationship to how we think about design at Kiva:

“Don’t waste time reinventing common UI patterns or paradigms unless they are at least 2x better, or you have some critical brand reason to do so.”

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August 9th, 2015

Q Ginger Beer – Best in Class

Balance and pacing are key to making a great ginger beer. A spicy kick should introduce itself right away and continue to build for the first few moments while a subtle sweet flavor should follow, encouraging you to go back for more. Too much spice – or spice that lingers – and you’ll hesitate to take the next sip. Too much sweet, and you might as well be drinking Sprite or ginger ale. The balance was so important to the good people at Q Drinks, that they even illustrated how the story plays out with their new Ginger Beer.

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