November 16, 2017

Download Firefox – faster browsing for good

Last month I left Kiva after six amazing years for an incredible opportunity at Mozilla to be lead designer in their Emerging Technologies group. I’m part of an R&D team focused on new technologies which may find their way into Firefox or become new products, helping the organization fulfill its mission to keep the internet healthy, open and accessible to all.

Firefox is of course the flagship product at Mozilla and this week was the long awaited release of the latest version, named Quantum. Having used this new version over the past month I’ve been consistently impressed. Through a series of humorous “wait face” commercials, the marketing campaign highlights its speed (2x faster, using 30% less memory than Chrome). But what won me over is the user interface. At the heart of the redesigned UI is the new photon design system. The result is a more modern, elegant interface with dark tabs, sharp icons, and an intuitive set of menus.

The new Firefox - Browser for good

All in all the new Firefox is easy to use, blazingly fast and aesthetically pleasing – making it a pleasure to use every day.

Joining Mozilla in October was the catalyst to adopt Firefox as my daily browser. The release of Quantum should be yours: it’s a browser with faster page loads, developed by a non-profit with a mission to build a healthy internet. It’s a no brainer.