July 25, 2016

Redesigned from the ground up

I’m excited to announce 2 Out of Three has been redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up. Long in need of a significant update – to implement a mobile friendly design – this project quickly expanded to include a new aesthetic, overhauls to the home page, blog and portfolio pages, and an entirely new front end architecture.

Visually you’ll find the redesign focuses on providing a clean canvas for writing and the display of my portfolio. As much as any element in the redesign Alanna Munro’s Tofino takes center stage as the sole font. It’s a wonderful typeface that attracted me from the very beginning due to it’s combination of legibility and personality (described by Alanna as “West Coast Swiss”). Rounding out the aesthetic changes are a new color scheme, favicon and updated logo (also utilizing Tofino).

From my perspective this project also served as a chance to refresh my front end development skills. During the recent redesign of Kiva I had the opportunity to get back into writing HTML and CSS – something rare in my role as Design Director. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly the skill came back to me and how much I enjoyed working with Foundation (a front end framework for developing mobile friendly websites). The experience lead me to implement a responsive layout using Joints WP (a WordPress template) specifically because it’s a blank theme built with Foundation 6.
There are numerous other design tweaks, content updates and layout changes throughout the website. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to browse around and if you find something you like or dislike I’d love to hear about it in the comments.