“Don’t waste time reinventing common UI patterns or paradigms unless they are at least 2x better, or you have some critical brand reason to do so.”
Julie Zhuo

Every article by Facebook’s Product Design Director Julie Zhuo has one – and likely more – insightful quotes about design. However, this particular quote from her recent post Good Design stood out to me because of the relationship to how we think about design at Kiva. We’ve made a point of preferencing established interaction and visual design patterns to reduce complexity and speed up the learning curve (i.e., don’t reinvent the wheel) for lenders on the platform. It’s a choice we made out of necessity as our ability to invest in the research and marketing needed to create an innovative UI pattern is limited. But even free from the constraints of a non-profit budget it’s typically more effective to leverage the familiar interface design patterns that we all encounter on a daily basis.