April 4, 2014

Change Is Afoot

Colored pencils in a circle

Measured in web years, three years is a lifetime. Yet it’s been that long since I’ve done any serious work on my own website. Over that time significant shifts have occurred in the landscape – responsive design, retina displays and a mobile first focus have changed how websites are designed and built. Not wanting 2 Out of Three to fall too far behind the curve – and looking to scratch my developer itch (something that’s been gathering dust as of late) – I carved out some time to make the most substantial updates to the site since releasing version 2 in May 2010. While I don’t consider these updates a full redesign, there are some meaningful changes that address mobile usability, retina images and a renewed focus on my design work. Here is a full list of changes:

  • A new logo for 2 Out of Three
  • A redesigned header to focus on three main sections: Portfolio, Blog and About
  • Fénix has become the primary typeface for long copy
  • A larger font for improved readability
  • Adoption of REM for sizing of fonts in CSS
  • Overhaul of the footer to concentrate on social links and recent design work
  • Retina support for header, footer and various other images around the site
  • Removal of photography section (I’m just not taking many photos these days)

Alone, these updates won’t bring 2 Out of Three into the modern mobile first world, but they’re incremental steps – which I plan to build upon. Keep watching this space, it’ll be more active than in years past.