May 27, 2011

Chalk Lettering by Dana Tanamachi

White Chalk drawing on black chalk board: Text says "THE BEST HINGS IN LIFE ARE MEANT TO BE SHARED"

Dana Tanamachi creates chalk drawings. Her work is charming and the lettering she creates is beautiful and intricate, all accomplished without aids such as stencils or a projector. For me the most appealing aspect of her drawings is the fleeting nature of working with chalk – meaning her creations won’t be with us for long, they won’t be preserved for centuries like an oil painting would. But none the less Tanamachi approaches her chalk pieces with just as much care and dedication all the while knowing that her hard work will fade away sooner than later.

This artistic medium reminds me of another one of my favorites: skateboard graphics. Like chalk drawings, these designs change and degrade with use. Eventually they both fade or are ground away revealing the elements from which they came. Temporary and changing, these works have a short lifespan that we can enjoy just as long as outside conditions allow, until eventually leaving a blank canvas for the next artist.

Luckily, when those images finally do fade away, we can revisit the process in the following time lapse videos of Dana Tanamachi creating her work:

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