March 23, 2010

Where the Grass is Greener – Images From New Zealand

After six weeks of traveling through both the north and south islands of New Zealand I managed to take over 1500 pictures. And even with all those gigs of photos I still managed to miss some of the most memorable scenes I came across; the Rob Roy Glacier and the perfect symmetry of Kiwi tree plantings come to mind. I can only hope that as the months and years go by my mind will retain the visions I failed to capture. In the meantime I can still share with you the best of New Zealand I was able to capture; the Tongario Crossing, moonlight nights in the Able Tasman, and the smiles of my fellow travelers. New Zealand where the grass truly is greener:

Abraham Wallin & Wendy Tribbey made an enthusiastic visit to the town of Lyttleton
Wendy Tribbey making a phone call in Christchurch the old fashion way.
A New Zealand pig; not even a mother could love that face.
A view from Cathedral Cove on the Coromandel. With it tall limestone rocks surrounded by the blue ocean this could be an image from Thailand.
The coastline of the Able Tasman.
Anchorage Cove in the Able Tasman light by moonlight.
Dusky Dolphins playing near the town of Kaikoura
A shelter on the hike up Hooker Valley; with Mount Cook in the background.

You can find more photos from this trip on my Flickr account.

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  1. Mel on

    Ahhh [big breath in] HOME! Love it Abe – you totally captured it mate! The sheep on the hill overlooking the surf beach, Tongariro, Abel Tasman, Raglan – good route indeed! [nb spelling]
    Looking forward to catching up over a few good ginger beers! (I’m going home in a month – will be swilling wildly when I’m back!)
    Yup that damn grass is super green hey!