November 19, 2007

The Colors of New Mexico

New Mexico is dry and dominated by the colors brown, red, and yellow. I learned that and a few others thing over the past five days while I was visiting my Mom in Albuquerque. My sister Yasha also joined us for a few days making a family reunion out of it. It’s was great to spend a few days living with my sis’ and Mom, almost like being a kid again.

When I was not laid up by the flu, which combination with the natural desert dryness was not fun, we spent time walking through the desert, visiting healers, and catching up with each other. My Mom has an article about the statue on top of the US Capital, Lady Freedom, that is being published next month in the US Capital Historical Society Magazine. And Yasha is getting ready to go to Miami for Bridge Art Fair, as well as pondering her future and weather it should be spoken in French, Italian, or German.

The shades of New Mexico also turned out pretty well through the lens of my camera. Here are a few photos taken over the past 5 days in Abq.

My little sister Yasha Wallin - You can take the girl out of the city but she still looks stylish

Yasha Wallin playing in the fall foliage

Yasha Wallin, more fun with leaves

New Mexico fall from outside my Mom house

Local Chillies

My Mom - Katya Miller

Yasha Wallin portrait

Yasha Wallin portrait - a side view

Yellow Cactus Flowers

American White Oak Barrels in New Mexico? Yes, apparently their are wine vineyards in New Mexico

Yasha Wallin in front of an Abq winery



  1. katya miller on

    I’m so glad Abraham and Yasha turned out to be smart, artistically inclined, worldly, and cool! Thanks for mentioning my historical article about the feminine “Freedom” on our Capitol Dome in DC.


  2. Anonymous on

    Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for posting such beautiful pix, Yasha is as beautiful as ever. Katya looks wonderful, too…Miss all of you, Auntie Robin