April 19, 2016

Best toddler sippy cup

Three and a half years into this parenting thing and it’s obvious that some toddler gear is designed better than others. I never thought this blog would include reviews of kids’ products, but after struggling through everything from poorly designed toys to impossible-to-program wake up lights, it feels like I’ve built up expertise that can benefit other parents.

First up: toddler sippy cups. Not to be confused with baby bottles (which is an entirely different topic). These cups with lids are often introduced around a child’s first birthday. The cup itself is closely tied to the transition a child makes from mother’s milk (or formula) to the full range of toddler drinks (milk, juice, water, etc).

After trying a wide variety of sippy cups over the past three years, making a recommendation for best toddler sippy cup is easy. The Nalgene Grip-n-Gulp provide to be the most durable, leak proof and easy to clean of any we tried.

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March 24, 2016

Pulling Farmanac from the app store

After five years I’m sorry to announce that I’ve decided to remove Farmanc from Apple’s app store. It’s been nearly three years since the last update and in that time iOS has gone from iOS 6 (with skeuomorphic visual design) to iOS 9 (flat design). The app now looks and feels out of place in the operating system and amongst the other apps.

While I’d love to spend time updating its visual look and feel, designing new interactions, and working with my engineering partners to build it all, the economics of it simply don’t add up. App sales were decent the first few years – totalling a few thousand dollars each year – but sales significantly dropped off over the past two years.

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December 7, 2015

Found Quote: Julie Zhuo

Every article by Facebook’s Product Design Director Julie Zhuo has one – and likely more – insightful quotes about design. However, this particular quote from her recent post Good Design stood out to me because of the relationship to how we think about design at Kiva:

“Don’t waste time reinventing common UI patterns or paradigms unless they are at least 2x better, or you have some critical brand reason to do so.”

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